VÉRITÉ (real name Kelsey Byrne) is playing the slow game when it comes to releasing her music, with just three EPs in as many years. This is in no way a bad thing, as with each EP Byrne has developed as an artist, continued to build a fanbase, and experimented with what pop music means to her and her project. From the euphoric pop crashes of early track “Weekend” to the near-industrial style of second title track “Sentiment” to the diverse offerings on latest opus Living, Byrne has set herself up to release one of the most profound debut albums of this year.

“Phase Me Out” is the first tease of potential album material, and arrives with confirmation that the album is likely to be released in 2017. The track may not have the same instant impact of predecessor “Underdressed”, but give it a couple of listens and you’ll surely succumb to its charms. The major hook may only be an instrumental and adlibs, but with its sweeping verses and pre-chorus, it works.

The track came together in the UK, between shows in Brighton and London, Byrne explains. “['Phase Me Out'] is about all of the invisible lines I draw in my interactions with other," she adds. Experimentation is still key to the VÉRITÉ mantra - instead of sliding into the tropical pop trend, for example, “I wanted to make a shift into a sound I felt was less trendy and more timeless - a mix of organic and electronic, distorted and pristine, driving and melodic.”

With years of work finally coming to fruition on the pending release of her debut album, VÉRITÉ’s greatest success thus far was her cover of The 1975’s “Somebody Else”. Her version currently stands with over 43 million streams on Spotify. “Phase Me Out” may be unreflective of VÉRITÉ’s vast talent, but with the promise of more new music sooner rather than later, it’s another piece of the puzzle that’s slotting together faster than ever before.

“Phase Me Out” is out now.