Written with You Me at Six’s Max Helyer, which accounts for its elevated anthemic and rousing sensibilities, "Cracks" effortlessly showcases Mercer’s distinctive falsetto combined with slick guitars and stirring brass.

The first track to be taken from VC Pines' forthcoming EP Skully, it was spurred by the "cracks" that start to show in a dwindling relationship and knowing when to get out. As Mercer says, “in a production sense, we thought about how we could tie the actual sonics as much as possible to the meaning of the song. If you listen closely enough, you might hear the song crack inside your head.”

His forthcoming EP aptly touches on themes of self-doubt and self-belief, as well as loneliness and being true to yourself - “All things that we all tend to struggle with within the creative industry in London,” he explains. Unfortunately, they're also subject matters that have acutely come to the forefront in the last couple of weeks, with many artists and creatives struggling under the weight of what’s going on in the world right now.

“This quarantine has thrown me down a creative hole," says Mercer. "I’m just scribbling away at my notepad constantly and regurgitating everything that’s happened over the past few months. It’s a very strange time though, not being able to physically be with your friends and loved ones. I just hope we can all help eachother and get through this”.

"Cracks" is out now and the Skully EP will release 24 April via Theory Records, available to pre-save now. Find VC Pines on Facebook.