It is the latest song to be unveiled from her new EP Love For Dust, which is released tomorrow. Hot on the heels of her recent alt-pop ballad “Loverman” and the wonky disco stomp of debut single “He Can Be Your Lady”, “Milky Woe” takes a gentler tone as she pines for another. Channelling the spirit of pop icon Kate Bush, Vanity Fairy (aka Daisy Capri) brings dreamy, whimsical vocals to the table, solidifying her statement sound and underpinning her unique vocal flair with lush, dainty synth tones and sparse percussion.

"Milky Woe is a love song for the love-sick; a silky ballad full of cosmic surrealism and dreamy wonder," Capri says about the track. "It's a nostalgic, fantastical, fanciful yearning for a place and time that can not and could never have been."

Following in the sentiment of embracing unpolished imperfection in all its glory, she recently decided to part with her live band and perform her songs entirely as karaoke. “For me, every time you play live as an artist, you’re kind of covering yourself anyway,” Capri explains. “Always chasing a version of that first moment of inspiration, or whatever, when you first come up with the idea for a song. I like the freedom of not having to play an instrument; it means I can really do the kind of moves I want to, and get down on my knees and so on if I’m feeling really emotional at a particular point in the set”.

“Milky Woe” is out now and Love For Dust is released 7th December. Find Vanity Fairy on Facebook.