Rapidly rising up to sky-high status in the blogosphere, Belgian trio ULYSEE make intelligent, subtle and worryingly catchy electronic tunes.

“Wounds” is freshly cut from the band’s debut EP, U as in ULYSSE, blending all kinds of off-beat electronic sounds into a stuttery but equally melodic mix. It’s got the same slightly distorted vocals, European flair and nursery-rhyme feel as Breton and the same electronic groove as Arthur Beatrice.

This, of course, is no bad thing. ULYSEE manage to sound like two brilliant electronic bands whilst also maintaining a certain je ne sais quoi that makes their own sound – well – their own. Best of all, the track features a vibrato-type guitar riff and throbbing drumming beat that makes it incredibly catchy, rendering “Wounds” – ULYSEE’s latest incision into the underbelly of the music world fiercely infectious.