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Tracks of the Week – 31 October 2011

31 October 2011, 08:38 | Written by Matthew Britton

Matthew Britton is our human blog-music aggregator, kind of like Hype Machine but with feelings and shit. Every week he goes, puts on his rubber gloves and trawls the darkest sewers of Soundcloud, reporting back to TLOBF with his findings. Sometimes he strikes gold, sometimes just faeces, but one day, maybe, just maybe, a band covered here will play an actual gig in front of human people. We continue to live in hope.

The thing about purposely trying to find new music is the sheer futility of it all. Maybe that’s what attracts the bedroom bound white boys by the thousand – the ability to completely lose touch with reality, displace your disillusionment with life with the disillusionment at finding the hottest new jams. Or maybe it’s for a love of the music. Anyway, to ensure you don’t get caught in the neverending downward spiral that is music blogging, here are the best new tracks unearthed this week.

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Smoke Room – Baby I Won’t

Such a simple formula that it’s a shock that no-one has thought to do it before – take the neon fizz that is K-pop (like J-pop, but from South Korea) and go about chopping it up into something palatable to hipsters who want to dance. The western world equivalent would be NIKE7UP, who has successfully butched Britney numerous times and managed to improve upon Rihanna’s Rudeboy. Whatever the orginal of Baby, I won’t sounded like, it’s unlikely it was this banging.

Baby, I Won’t by Smoke Room

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Victories At Sea – Future Gold

One of the most memorable live acts of the past 12 months (at least for the select few who’ve seen them), online presence has been sadly lacking for the Birmingham trio. Their track SWIM had been doing the rounds for a while, and just as the vibes were wearing off from that, they’ve hit us with another atmospheric gem – or precious metal, if you’re being picky.

FUTURE GOLD by victories at sea

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G R E A T W A V E S – Are Calling

Not many people make their debut show by being bookended by aggressive rap tracks played by uninterested DJs, but G R E A T W A V E S did and just about got away with it. Turning up at a VICE launch party in Manchester, resident night Gold Teeth was less than impressed at having to spin tunes for the couple of hundred hipsters who’d turned up for a free American Apparel vest, and though the change from Rick Ross to slow-burn ambience was a jarring one, nobody minded too much – and those that did went to the toilet to see if they could fit into the Womans Small Black Tank Top they’d been gifted.

Are Calling by G R E A T W A V E S

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Sleeeptalk – Made You Eat You

Discovered by the much blogged about Two Inch Punch, London’s Sleeeptalk (yes, there is that extra e) makes much of the same lovestep noises that got people so hyped about T.I.P in the first place. Slightly saccharine in places, the sickly mixture is topped by the slightly sexy refrain of the title, the sample skewed and distorted but still lovingly crafted. Maybe Prince Punch has a new rival for the throne.

made you eat you by sleeeptalk

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King DJ – U Gon And Dun It

Sick of only having the two bands to swivel his hips in, Mark Vernon has started a project away from his Brown Brogue bestie Ben and their Toto & The Bad Eggs work to make ‘King DJ. Bathed in the same fuzz that made the prior work so brilliant. Fuzzy, downbeat and almost glum at times, he’ll probably still find a way to make sex eyes at the ladies if he ever plays it live. He’ll be releasing a new track from the project every Sunday until Christmas.

U gon and dun it (demo) by kingdj666

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Beyonce – Dance 4 U (Babe Rainbow funtime edit)

The standard Beyonce remix for the week, featuring the usual pitch-altered voice that makes her sound like a (sexy) man, and it’s as sublime as it sounds.

Beyonce – Dance 4 U (Babe Rainbow funtime edit) by Babe Rainbow

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