Originally from Kalmar in the south of Sweden, TOFFE graduated from one of Sweden's leading music academies in 2015 and is now working on his music in Stockholm. Debut single "Painting Pictures" was the first upload to his Soundcloud profile and was quickly met by praise - now it's back online as his first official release, unashamedly celebrating self acceptance and reaching milestones.

TOFFE names Peter Gabriel, Frank Zappa, and Genesis as his key musical inspirations and knowing that you can certainly hear those influences on "Painting Pictures" with its bold and bright sound.

It's "about balance" says TOFFE, explaining that "every other step in the right direction can be followed by one in the wrong direction. In my meaning it's about personal progress and overcoming anxiety but I want each and every person to make up their own story, paint their own pictures... I also feel that this topic relates to the political climate of the world today, which I didn't really intend. "

Writing and producing everything himself, TOFFE explains he likes "to construct [his] songs around one sound, like the spine of a snake and then see what is possible to do around it. I try to make music as if I didn’t know how to make music."

"Painting Pictures" is out 28 April.