Reminiscent of the dreamy and introspective psych of DIIV and Tame Impala, with Tim Atlas' understated vocals playing into the song’s tranquil vibe, the track is drawn from his new neo-soul-tinged EP Together Lonely, which will further explore themes of social anxiety. He hopes it will act as a call-to-arms for fellow likeminded souls around the world to bond (as the title suggests), with Atlas reflecting openly and celebrating more introverted personalities, alongside the difficulties of grappling with the intense and demanding nature of being a musician.

Tim Atlas explains, “This one is a song of assurance. This confidence I have in this specific relationship isn’t something I’d normally possess, but a crime of passion is the notion that I’d do whatever it took to be in that person’s life.”

“Crime of Passion” and Together Lonely are out today. Find Tim Atlas on Facebook.