Lurching in with a thunderous bassline, "Blame" packs a punch from the off, propelled forth on the back of crashing cymbals, energetic riffing and the soaring vocal of burgeoning indie icon Millie Duthie. “Well I see a lot of faces in my narcissistic headspace, I feel so comfortable in their gaze,” sings Duthie, with evident self-scorn as she references inner confliction of the paranoia.

"'Blame' is about the uncharacteristic choices people make when they’re trying to be like someone else, for the sake of someone else, at a cost to themselves," say the band of their new track. "It’s a neurotic frenzy of guitars with self conscious lyrics about the state of paralysis jealousy puts you in; blind anger with no real solution."

"Blame" is out now.