Translating as "arrow", the track is a product of the band expanding to a six-piece and challenging themselves to make something a little different to The Megaphonic Thrift of the past.

While Richard Myklebust and Linn Frøkedal are still the lynchpins of the band, "Pilene" shows a different side to the Norwegians. The noise is turned down here; while the rhythmic backbone of the song is still rock solid, Frøkedal's fragile and breathy vocal is joined by twinkling synths and echoing, dream pop guitars. It joins the dots between Beach House and Real Estate, but sounds fresh simply because it's a side to the band we've not heard before.

Of the track, Myklebust says "expectations are existence. They can be made up by ourselves, or by others. They can be cold as ice or burning hot, but we aim to please anyway. We might miss the target. And every day a new dart is thrown."

"Pilene" will be out tomorrow, and Få meg til verden i tide will be available on 11 November via Old Flame Records.