The story of Jamie Cameron is a poignant one. This is a man who has struggled, battled and conquered some of life’s greatest adversities and has channelled his experiences through the medium of music. Under the moniker of The Last Dinosaur Jamie Cameron has created a distinct sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Penguin Café Orchestra, Talk Talk and Mazzy Star.

The Last Dinosaur’s latest venture is the uplifting, moving and life affirming full length The Nothing which addresses subjects ranging from mortality to heartbreak.

““It wasn’t an intention of mine to write an album about dying or anything like that, but I realised after I’d written a few songs that they all were about it in some way.”

“All My Faith” taken from the album perfectly encapsulates the message of The Last Dinosaur. It is soul bearing, heart wrenching and most importantly; breathtakingly honest. These qualities are the hallmarks of truly great artistry and Jamie Cameron has firmly cemented himself as a time transcending artist of impeccable quality.

“All My Faith” from the album The Nothing is out 7 July via Naim Records