The clip has been directed by DREAMTIGER, and Co-Directed by Jonathan Wing.

Tei Shi says of the visuals: "This video was shot between the New York winter, and the mountains and streets of Bogota, Colombia. Two environments that I identify with very strongly. It came together kind of spur of the moment, I had an amazing team with Dreamtiger and Jonathan Wing helping me fulfill the idea. We spent some days exploring Bogota, the city where I spent most of my childhood and where my mother's side of the family has lived for generations...along the way we found some breathtaking and really unusual settings, which gave the song a totally new life. I wanted to be able to share this part of my identity through my music somehow, so here it is, in me re-discovering a lot of what defines me and my history through the music that has defined me for the past year. Hope you enjoy it."

Tei Shi's Verde EP is out now via Double Denim.

Watch the "See Me" video below.