This latest tune links up with "What's On Your Mind" and "Queen's Parade" to preview Soft Sea Blue, the new offering from the (mostly) Bangor-born band.

"'Alison' is about a good friend of ours who moved to Australia a few years ago," explain the quintet. "We used to spend a lot of time together and now we can only reminisce, but you know that when you do meet again it will feel like no time has passed. Our friend's name didn't really fit the chorus melody so we had to change it to Alison, but they won't mind!"

Adam Jaffrey (Gengahr, Leif Erikson) produces the four-track EP, which follows up debut short-player Souvenirs. Swimming Tapes celebrate its release with a show at London's The Lexington on 20 September.


  1. When We Can Hide
  2. Alison
  3. What's On Your Mind
  4. Queen's Parade
The Soft Sea Blue EP is out 15 September via Hand In Hive/B3SCI.