David Alexander, aka Summer Heart, is normally pumping out beats perfected to soundtrummer's day party.

New track "Aftershock" sees the Swedish solo artist move to a more chillwave sound, keeping his signature euphoric drops.

Weaving between distorted vocals and chiming synths, "Aftershock" presents a new musical direction that is undoubtedly infectious, and could easily place him amongst Washed Out.

The electro-pop musician has also made a goal to release one track a month with the hashtag #12SongsOfSummer.

Alexander explained the resonance of "Aftershock' further, "Me and my friend Chris wrote Aftershock in his bedroom in Greenpoint, Brooklyn New York in April 2018. We bought smoothies and sandwiches from Brooklyn Standard Deli and went back to Chris’ place and was just hanging out and playing around with some instruments and samples when we came up with the idea for Aftershock. The song is kinda about falling helplessly in love and do everything to get that person’s attention..”

The endearing message works well with the youthful, lust-fuelled sound projected by Summer Heart.

"Aftershock" is available now. Alexander also tours the US in Autumn, find out more details.