Anders SG has the excellent THANKS to keep busy with, and fellow vocalist Stine Bramsen has been quietly releasing records in her homeland to great success. She's not released anything since her 2015 album Fiftyseven, but today she's back with an excellent electronic banger called "L.A.C.K.".

Stine Bramsen // L.A.C.K. from Stine Bramsen on Vimeo.

With a more sharply soulful edge than some of her previous work, Bramsen's effortlessly wonderful vocal coasts over colourful synths and beats which take from both modern R&B and classic soul-pop. Filled with smart production, "L.A.C.K." is a gleaming 21st century take on the '80s but we're wise enough, thanks to the likes of "Fascination", to know that the star of the show will always be Bramsen's ageless voice.

“Sometimes you have to create a vacuum around yourself and the ones you love to simply shut out the hate, violence and inhumanity we see around the world every day," says Bramsen. "'L.A.C.K.’ is about how difficult it can be to find the right balance of being in this mad world with an aching heart while allowing yourself to be happy and present, right where you are.”

"L.A.C.K." is out today.