Prior to forming through inimitable creative vehicle Twitter, all four members of bizarrely named Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes were operating in low-level indie bands around Stockholm. Following a plea from vocalist and bassist Tilde Hansen via social media a group was assembled and so the band was formed.

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Their dance-friendly indie pop has made them a firm favourite around Scandinavia and now they've set their young eyes over the pond to the UK and further afield. Hopefully less pillaging and plundering more reverb and good vibes.

Speaking about the track the band said “"Swim Deep is about wanting to hide from your mistakes and all the embarrassing things you’ve done. It’s about wanting to disappear and not having to deal with life. But then realizing that you eventually have to face it all and stand for what you've said and done. There will always be people who do it better than you, but that doesn't matter because you will find your way and your people.”

“Swin Deep” from the EP Four Waters is out 24 November via Rama Lama Records.