”Sjansespill” is the Bergen crew’s first single for Cascine, the always-tasteful US label who signed them after seeing one show by the group at last year’s Vill Vill Vest festival. Having witnessed the Softcore untd. live show a couple of times already it’s little wonder they were snapped up.

Taking members from hip hop crew Sushi x Kobe and guitar band Verdensrommet, along with solo act FAKETHIAS, Softcore untd. makes music which crosses genres but never settles in one place. So on “Sjansespill” there’s beats and stabs of synth which draw from UKG and hip hop, washes of guitar that recall slowcore and ‘80s post-punk, while the vocals draw from both the Iceage school of attractively atonal and the rasping bellows of Bergen’s (and Norway’s) infamous extreme music scene.

The track has a darkness running through it, a fuzzy confusion that hints at deep turmoil...yet it’s utterly irresistible and hypnotic.

“Sjansespill” - and Softcore untd. - feels new and fresh and unique. This is exciting music.

“Sjansespill” is out now via Cascine and EDDA.