From the very opening line of "Run That Back", Sofi de la Torre is nothing short of captivating. She sings “My love feel old fashion/ Turned this bedroom to a mansion” in a way that perfectly sets the tone for the wild ride that she has in store.

The new track is a sensual tell-all about Sofi’s flirty whims, where she sings sassy lines like “The floor / The bed / The kitchen / Anywhere you like boy”.

Yet, it's when the earthquake bass from the 808-led production (courtesy of Matt Rad & Chris Wallace aka The Young Skeptics) kicks in, accompanied by de la Torre’s catchy hooks, that you really appreciate that “Run That Back” simply has banger written all over it.

The 27-year-old’s confident delivery draws on her experiences of moving from Spain to London, Berlin and Los Angeles over the last couple of years. She has also made a name for herself by hashtagging her music #PopDoneRight, and in all fairness - she's not wrong.

Bump this one all weekend, and prepare for even more new music coming soon.

"Run That Back" is out now.