Despite a deceptively relaxed vibe and ethereal sound, "$: is a fierce attack on materialistic LA attitudes and the ex-boyfriend she says will "fuck [his] own damn self to sleep".

Equal parts scathing and heartbroken, Sofi’s breathy vocals are the perfect counterpart to soaring instrumentals and an R&B-esque beat. Mocking one-liners such as "that's a lot of cash for a fun size brain", and "go 'head boy sip that bubbly with your pancakes" give the track potential as a crowd favourite and look set to garner regular radio play.

Overall, Sofi combines the dreamy, bittersweet aesthetic of Lana Del Rey with the urban swagger of early Jhené Aiko releases.

"$" is the first single from the Berlin-based singer’s upcoming LP, which she will self-release this spring under the #POPDONERIGHT moniker.