Björg, originally from Borgarfjörður in the country north of Reykjavik, draws on folk and Americana influences for the driving "I Lie" which throbs with a passion right from the opening crunch of guitar chords.

Recorded with renowned producer Ben Hillier (Blur, Elbow) and accompanied by some excellent Icelandic sidemen and women, this debut single is a bold and bright introduction to the world of the young Björg where we find her equally pleading and fuck-you-ing in the lyrics. Her voice is quite something; at points deep, at others freeing it up in ways similar to Neko Case unleashing a vocal. It has an experience and worn-in quality beyond her years, and sounds completely and utterly honest in delivery.

Björg will release a debut album sometime soon, and if it contains songs as good as this then we might have a unique talent on our hands.