Taking the same title as the EP the group released last year, Rock And Roll Bye Bye is released in March via the band's very own Yonks Records.

To commemorate the occasion, Skaters have shared the album's euphoric closing track "In Your Head". Stadium-sized drumbeats and strident refrains propel the band to brand new heights. Complete with a chorus that practically cries out for singalongs in sun-stained festival fields, the single showcases the band at their boldest yet.

Released exactly three years on from Manhattan (on 24 February), "In Your Head" is takes an ardently felt yearning and turns the journey into its own reward.


  1. Just Like Your Mother
  2. Northern Soul
  3. Clip Art Link 1 Bubbles
  4. Head On To Nowhere
  5. Restless Babe
  6. Song 19 (Revisited)
  7. I’m Not A Punk
  8. Respect The Hustle
  9. Criminal Feels
  10. Mental Case
  11. Rock and Roll Bye Bye
  12. In Your Head
Rock And Roll Bye Bye is released via Yonks Records on 24 March.