Say Lou Lou guest on the track, which is the first to be taken from upcoming solo EP Looking Forward To The New Me.

"The song is about loneliness," Olenius says. "[It's] inspired a tiny bit by the movie Leaving Las Vegas with Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue. About someone who is sort of fine about everything going south. I have been writing with Elektra and Miranda from Say Lou Lou for their albums and they we´re next door in recording so I asked them to sing on my songs. They dropped the best description of my music - America (the band, not the country) meets Go Betweens. I liked that. Love their voices. They´re joining me on stage for my first solo show in a few weeks in Stockholm."

It's an impressive first leap into the unknown, with summery guitars and glistening melodies aplenty. It's charming, welcoming, and familiar - but that warmth is punctuated by Olenius and Say Lou Lou's bittersweet duetting. They don't bring everything crashing back to Earth with an almighty thump, but the sunlit hooks are now overlaid with a pensive gloss.

Talking about the EP, Olenius says: "In the back of my head, I always had the idea of doing something by myself. I started sending songs to my friend and producer Måns Lundberg (dating Bebban in Shout Out Louds!) and we met up and started recording. This is also the first time I produced and mixed some songs by myself. I wanted to make something in the world of Carol King, Todd Rundgren, and Robert Wyatt."

The Looking Forward To The New Me EP is out 1 July via his own ABWO.

Stream "News Are Saying" below.


1. News Are Saying
2. Wednesdays 
3. Feels Like Feels Right
4. Moves
5. Birthday (Kill For That Jacket)