"How Far (Are You Willing To Go) is Brown's first offering since last year's "Boom Boom (She Got That)", and presents a pristine pop melody that is lifted by Brown's powerful delivery.

Brown finds vulnerability in the verses, toning down her vocals to counteract the infectious choruses, which feature a near-tribal drum beat that intensifies the power.

The new single blends tropical pop with simplicity, finding its feet somewhere between heartbreak, reflection, and a summer in Ibiza.

Speaking about her new single, Brown says, "Sometimes it's when you’re at your low point that you really learn who you are and what actually matters. That's sometimes when the motivation hits. I love the drum beat and the filter effect producer AKA George laid over my saxophone, it really gives the record something special."

"How Far (Are You Willing To Go)" is out now. Find Sasha Brown on Instagram.