The One Little Indian-signed artist heaps on the feelings on her latest track, and the result is a lighter-swayer of the rarest kind - it's deeply moving and bittersweet, with uplifting bouts of melodic brilliance and gorgeous interplay between strings and cathedral-echo piano. It's lush and oozes a classic charm; it's timeless.

"Certain times and places can spark specific memories and make things in the past so vivid it's like you're living them all over again," says Walk. "'Still Frames' is a song about those moments – specifically, this song reflects on what the subtleties of autumn remind me of and the emotions that come with it. It's a bittersweet, melancholic and nostalgic song about the past and moving on… a reflection on the inevitability of certain change and a mourning and appreciation for the relationships that have been let go of."

Walk, a graduate of the prestigious Berklee College Of Music, is working on her debut record with Steve Brown (Laura Mvula).

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