"Mango Corner" - featuring a superb vocal contribution from fellow Norwegian Miss Tati - is the first single to be taken from Kolstad's forthcoming new album, and it furthers the pulsating electropop found on her previous release.

With an opening which mixes Kolstad's heavenly croon with soulful lower registers over an intensely humming synth line, "Mango Corner" quickly develops into a symphonic electropop dream propelled by a terrific 4/4 beat. When Tati's vocal drops in the second verse it adds a deep and soulful touch to the track. All in all, it's a magnificent return and bodes well for Kolstad's fourth studio full-length.

"'Mango Corner' is a very special song for me," Kolstad tell us. "It's actually the first one I wrote for this record. 'Mango Corner' isn't really a place, or, it's a fictional place. I guess it's me having a go at describing some sort of a utopia. We live in a very individual–oriented time. 'Mango Corner' is about how we might have to think more collective, to seek together as human beings to be able to manage the world and our existence. Or it might just be a love song and an invitation to the lover to meet up at the 'Mango Corner'. Or it might just be a song about fruit. It's kind of up to the one who listens!"

The video was made by artist Andrew Amorim and filmmaker Carlos Vasquez in a decaying old castle on the border between Germany and Poland.

"Mango Corner" is out today via Fanfare.