RÓSA’s distinct sound will slot comfortably into many an existing record collection, with yearning vocals from lead singer Will Winters. “Alone” follows Wasteful’s lead single “Without You”, a darker, glitchier track than came out earlier this month. Whilst still very much a pop song, “Without You” feels like a stepping stone towards the uplifting rush of “Alone”, the latter’s warm, summery arrangement contrasting with its emotion-driven lyrics.

"Musically, 'Alone' came out of a desire to attempt a straightforward pop song,” RÓSA explain. Despite the guitar-heavy arrangement, they add that “it was also one of the first songs written entirely on piano so the process was also very new for us."

"The meaning of the song is clear. It's about coming to terms with being alone and even finding something empowering in it."

"Alone" is out 23 June.