ROLE MODEL first entered the musical landscape as a rapper, and even undertook literature classes to better himself as a wordsmith. Now venturing into the realm of pop, the up-and-comer combines, in his newest piece, lovelorn sentiments and romantic uncertainty with earworm melodies and clever upbeat production.

While the singer uses authentic lyricism and musings to evoke a kind of late-night melancholic introspection (“You’ll sleep with friends of mine / I’ll sleep with people I don’t like”) the song manages to scatter them around intelligent pop choruses, with folksy guitar picking accompanied by subdued yet uplifting drum patterns.

“that’s just how it goes” is resolutely sincere and defiantly raw, with Pillsbury confessing that he's “noticed that every time I meet someone and start to have feelings for them, my first instinct is to prepare myself for how it's going to end. I tend to focus on losing things before I even get to enjoy having them. It’s about knowing what’s to come when the honeymoon starts to fade, but being okay with that because that’s just how it goes.”

His honest sentiments refrain from getting lost in production, and instead are brought further to the forefront and animated. ROLE MODEL certainly could become one of pop’s newest and most essential voices.

“that’s just how it goes” and oh, how perfect are both out now via Polydor. Find ROLE MODEL on Instagram.