On new track "Tables Have Turned", she casts her eye on the moment when you’re dating someone and it’s still new and uncomplicated. "You LIKE them but you’re not obsessed," RALPH explains. "In fact maybe they even like you a little more (which always feels nice because it makes you feel less vulnerable). Until all of a sudden everything flips and BANG, they’re all you can think about - their smile, their laugh, the way they say your name. It’s freaky but exciting at the same time."

She admits the song is largely autobiographical: "I remember the exact moment I felt the tables turn with someone," RALPH tells us. "I was like 'woah, I can’t stop staring at this human, wtf just happened?'"

"I wanted to capture that feeling because I assumed it had to be universal and relatable. We wanted the production to match that feeling of energy building - when the bass line drops in on the pre-chorus, it creates this sensation of anticipation which builds into the chorus drop. I like the idea of it matching emotions as they build and explode for someone."

RALPH promises a debut album in the fall with some dates in Europe: "I love the songs and feel like they show a slight evolution towards a more mature, rnb/synth/pop/soul sound," she says. "A little less '80s and more contemporary vibes in there."