RALPH is on a mission and conquering pop is her goal. Following in the wake of last year’s debut album A Good Girl and recent outing “Gravity”, her new single “No Muss No Fuss” continues her ascent into indie pop echelons. Taken from her forthcoming EP, “No Muss No Fuss” builds upon the Canadian artist’s emotive, feel-good sound with an irresistible, bouncy groove and a dash of sass to boot.

Taking stock from weird break-ups, Ralph’s latest outing is a bop infused with lush synths and bubbling beats that practically relishes the opportunity to spill the tea on a clingy ex. Once again joining forces with longtime collaborator Gemma Warren, the accompanying video was stylishly shot on 16mm reel and has Ralph celebrating new-found freedom by striking many a pose in her best 90s threads.

“‘No Muss No Fuss’ was inspired by a conversation I overheard when I was in Montreal a couple months ago - this girl was talking to her friend about an ex situation,” shares Ralph - aka. Raffa Weyman - of the tale behind the track. “She was annoyed because this dude had been shady and hurt her feelings, but of course the moment she finally moved on and started feeling good again, he started texting her and popping up everywhere.

“I always joke with my friends that exes have a sixth sense and can feel when you’re over them, and that’s when they want you again,” she continues. “The song is a cheeky commentary on that idea, mixed with a little ‘Thank U, Next’”.

“No Muss No Fuss” is available now via Crocodile Tears Inc. Follow Ralph on Instagram. She supports Carly Rae Jepsen on all Canadian dates in August and September.