Surrounded by a family all involved in music, RAHH (real name Holly Quin Ankrah) has always had a passion for music, admiring powerful female musicians such as En Vogue, TLC and of course, Destiny’s Child. From these powerhouses of talent, RAHH encapsulates her own sort of power in "Overkill". Singing about her desire to be in the moment and not care about anything else, she’s done with worrying and is here to enjoy the moment.

After a brief stint in Los Angeles but now based in Manchester, RAHH has put her all into her music career and is ready to go head-forth with a strong pop debut. She speaks of her love singing live and says, "You have to do so much work outside of singing, there’s so much writing, developing, rehearsing, production, every so often I’m like, man, I just want to get on stage. It’s really hard to explain but I’m most free and most happy here on stage. Especially singing your own music is really special, I’m really happy I’m able to do that now." It seems RAHH is ready to get out there and show everyone what she has, and with a catchy tune like "Overkill", it's looking pretty certain we will be hearing more from here very soon.

RAHH will be performing at The Great Escape festival in Brighton this month, so head down to the seaside and see what she has to give us on a stage where she feels her happiest.