1. "The Wave" by Elohim

Leading the pack for the inaugural edition of Pop Never Dies is elusive pop producer and all-round superstar Elohim (pictured above). Fresh from her dreamy collaboration with Whethan on "Sleepy Eyes", her latest release (also our Song Of The Day) is another taste from her sure-to-be-killer debut album, slated for release next year.

"The Wave" condenses everything we love about Elohim’s electro-infused songwriting and production style. Paired with her angelic, crystalline vocals, it’s exactly what you'd expect from any track dropped by this one-woman army. With its pulsing beat, "The Wave" will have you tapping your foot and taking a deep breath as that dreamy drop kicks in. (MK)

"Tied" by Greta Isaac

2. "Tied" by Greta Isaac

From her humble singer/songwriter beginnings, Best Fit favourite Greta Issac is proving to be a real force with her experimental twists and turns away from formulaic – and frankly boring – tropes. "Tied" is a stuttering, acoustic guitar-driven fight for freedom, with an anthemic quality we haven’t heard from Isaac before. (MK)

"Rather Be Dead" by Evalyn

3. "Rather Be Dead" by Evalyn

"Rather Be Dead" cements Californian singer Evalyn as a field leader in sad girl anthems. Her voice soars over euphoric strings as she delivers the contrastingly morbid chorus refrain; "I could tell you that I love you but I'd rather be dead." The sultry yet vulnerable cut is taken from her forthcoming Sandcastle EP, a project that came together during last year's tumultuous US election cycle and reflects Evalyn's personal situation against a star-spangled backdrop of political unrest. (PW)

"Invite Me In" by Wild Ones

4. "Invite Me In" by Wild Ones

With the release of sophomore album Mirror Touch set for just a week away, Portland dream-poppers Wild Ones share a final tantalising taste in the form of new track "Invite Me In". It's crisp, clean, and understated with a funky bassline from Max Stein and sugary-sweet vocals care of lead singer Danielle Sullivan. If you aren't sold on the Portland-based five-piece already, this polished new cut will be all the convincing you'll need. (PW)

"Prayer" by Tessa Dixson

5. "Prayer" by Tessa Dixson

There's certainly something unmistakably hymnal about Tessa Dixson's debut single. "Prayer"'s ominous rise and fall – set to unpredictable synths and sombre instrumentation – wouldn’t sound out of place echoing through a shadowy cathedral, with Dixson's pure, soulful vocal ringing out across an enchanted congregation. The track's complexity and intrigue, paired with genuine pop craftsmanship, render it an immediately rewarding debut. (PW)