Having released her debut album back in 2012 and followed it up with the Join Forces EP two years later, Penny Police then took an extended break. "For a while I've been struggling with the feeling that it didn't make sense just to make songs when the world offers you one shock after another in terms of politics and compassion," explains Fjeldsted.

It comes as no surprise that "No Horizon" was inspired by traumatic events. The first lines of the song are words heard by Fjeldsted on a news report, spoken by a father reunited with his children after crossing the Mediterranean on a crowded boat. She says "It just hit my heart to see his shiny eyes, and to know that they are not welcome - that their life, laughter and future aren't seen as worth as much as mine."

The song is suitably moving; Fjeldsted's voice is right up in the mix, intimate and warm and it's backed by sparse drums and atmospheric synths. The chorus soars - gently - on major piano chords, stabs of strings and trigger pad electronics and the overall feeling is one of relief and fulfilment. It's taken Penny Police a while to get back here, but it's been worth the wait.

"No Horizon" is out today via Antiphonics.