Known for their infectious indie melodies, Armand Penicaut and Ulysse Cottin's bossa-nova pop is unpredictably delightful. Their skewed sound takes inspiration from a range of artistic influences, from the woozy harmonies of the Beach Boys to The White Stripes' brash garage rock.

“You and I” is accompanied by surreal visuals filmed at Le Balajo - one of Paris’ oldest Cabaret clubs, coordinated by director and illustrator Victoria Lafaurie. It stars Cottin's other half, Danish actor and model Klara Kristin. Seduced by the fallen angel, Kristin wrestles with temptation before the video's narrative spirals into the inevitable tragedy of a complicated love affair.

“Like in Tex Avery's animated cartoons, Ulysse & Armand are Klara Kristin's conscience,” Lafaurie explains. “Will she fall for the Devil or the Angel?”

“We shot the video in Super 16 film. It was fun to mix the aesthetics of American cartoons with biblical clichés and a few “Ramen Western” inspired scenes."

“You and I” is out now. Papooz's album Night Sketches will be released 8 March and is available to pre-order now. Find Papooz on Facebook.