Having slammed his foot down hard on the gas pedal with infectious EP Days In The City, happy-go-lucky slacker Only Real is showing no signs of braking with sun-flecked new track, “Cadillac Girl”.

A new version of the Londoner’s first track, it’s been given a good polish around the edges with its massive chorus being lifted even further into the sonicsphere’s summery skies. It’s also proof of Only Real’s extremely impressive consistency; his transition to a major label doesn’t lead to any kind of musical stifling. Instead, his ingenious concoction of chilled-out riffs and carefree rapping is given free reign, letting out rays of sunshine from all directions. By the end, the track drives full-throttle into the exciting horizon, with roof bolt-open, sun-shining through and speakers blaring.

“Cadillac Girl” will be released on 12 May (UK) via Virgin EMI, and in the US on Harvest Records. Only Real embarks on a UK Tour in March, full dates here.