The EP has been created after a year of change and awakenings, and it looks at a range of complex topics ("the far right's progression in Sweden... cultural heritage, oppression, and fascism") under a sparkling pop microscope.

2015 saw Pilgrim return to her childhood home of Barbados for the first time in nearly 10 years. Speaking about the trip, she says: "It was difficult to see how Barbados had grown into a kind of poverty I couldn't recall from my childhood. At the same time I was reminded of the joy that can come from simplicity. It was an important trip that helped me understand how to use my Barbadian heritage in my music." 

"Sink Like A Stone" is a powerful outing from Pilgrim. Shimmering titanium beats hit with purpose, mechanical synths creak and twirl around slippery bass squirms - with Pilgrim's typically stunning vocals drizzled over the top, this is an immensely strong return to music.

The track was co-written with Henrik Jonzon and takes inspiration from the death of Eric Garner: "[He] died because of the color of his skin. And despite the fact that structural racism permeates society to a point where it leads to this kind of modern-day lynching, many of us choose to ignore it. If we want to turn things around we need to fight the fear-mongering, take a good look at our history, and most importantly, start listening to each other."

The Sink Like A Stone EP is out 3 June on Cosmos. 

You can purchase her House Of Dreams 12", featuring singles such as "No Gun", via our sister label Best Fit Recordings.

Listen to "Sink Like A Stone" below.