The singer/songwriter's Nashville roots are perhaps the clearest they've ever been on new cut "xx", pronounced "kiss kiss".

Now with five of the six tracks which make up his soon-to-be-released debut EP vital, the collection is shaping up to be predominantly gospel-inspired with R&B, pop, and now country-tinged twists thrown into the mix. “I could hold melodies before I could talk,” morgxn explains, describing himself as a “small, chubby Jewish kid dominating the gospel choir" already at the age of six.

Of the new track he explains: "We are born into this world knowing how to love, but we forget, every day, that it's our right to feel it. To receive it. 'xx' is reclaiming that for myself. This song was the genesis of my project. It came from years of searching and wandering and creating. X marks the spot... so they say. to me, an X is all about transitions and crossroads, and finally claiming that transition for myself."

"xx" is out now.