Following previous singles "Alone" and "Anima", the release has been timed to coincide with this year's International Women's Day. Lyrically, the track aims to relate the cycle of battling and breaking away from your own personal demons to the broader struggles women face around the world.

With its confident, echoing guitar and achingly soulful vocal, "Hells Paradise" is a pop song with a heavy blues influence. MORGAN cites Kings of Leon and Funkadelic amongst her influences, but her silky enunciation gives the song an altogether different feel. There's an unexpected tempo change midway through the track, keeping things interesting without being jarring or incongruous. It's a testament to MORGAN's songwriting that when all these aspects come together, they really do work.

With inspiration from astrology and the occult, MORGAN references her own star sign - she's a Scorpio, hence all that brooding intensity! - and the astrological shift into the Age of Aquarius as further influences on her sound. In a sentence, if Jessie Ware had been born a month later (did you know she's a Libra?), this is exactly the kind of music she'd be making.

Production on the thrilling new cut comes from Steven Cowley, who has previously worked his magic with similarly smooth and self-assured songstresses Lana Del Rey and Charlotte OC.

"Hells Paradise" is out on International Women's Day, 8 March.