Lyrically, “Money” is a frank exploration of the fears and failures associated with stepping out as an independent act. “I took a Xanax and a milkshake just to get through that day,” vocalist Lauren Pardini declares unashamedly on the new cut, her delivery honest and powerful as it soars easily over the throbbing synths that comprise the backbone of the Pr0files sound.

“Money” is the pair’s first release since last year’s Jurassic Technologie, their debut full-length album. It injects a welcome new spike of darkness into Pr0files’ shiny, polished pop sound, whilst maintaining everything that made them great.

“If everything’s so bad, why do I feel so good?” Pardini asks rhetorically. She’s not looking for an answer, but there’s plenty about “Money” that’s definitely not bad at all.

“Money” is out now.