The lead single from upcoming sophomore EP Weren’t Those The Days, “In The Deep End” finds Misty Mtn gliding through an evocative synth-steeped power ballad, with Trunzo’s vocals cascading over Segall’s swathing sonic architecture with subtle symmetry.

Rich iridescent textures blanket the track like a bittersweet current running through its tender core, capturing the outfit’s essential melodic afterglow. The duo continues to invest such heart and wisdom into their lyricism while harnessing the lilting harmonic legacy of '70s and '80s songwriting. Infectious instrumentals connect with an emotionally charged impetus that graced previous singles such as “These Lights” and debut EP Missed Your Call.

Co-produced and mixed Ariel Loh (Yoke Lore, Cape Francis), the pair’s latest cut contends with the falsity of superficial friendships embraced at the expense of genuine bonds, the damage only realised when bridges have been burnt.

"The initial idea for the song came from a time we had a view of a neighbour sitting by the pool in a big ostentatious backyard. Every day in the same spot,” Misty Mtn comments.

“From that image, we came to a slightly tongue-in-cheek concept for a song about a certain type of person. The type of person that alienates their real friends, the friends that will be there when times get hard, and attracts people that only want them for the fun times and the free stuff. It came out as a bittersweet track about empathy, facade, and the narrative of a friendship.”

Rooting their themes in formative experiences and world-weary perception, “In The Deep End” finds the pair reaffirming their affinity for yearning electro-pop, reverberating with nostalgic reminiscence and a sense of conscience.

“In The Deep End” is out now. Find Misty Mtn on Instagram.