The cut features on their upcoming second record Broken Devotion, the follow up to 2011 debut Save Your Season.

Mint Julep - formed of husband and wife duo Keith and Hollie Kenniff - summon huge emotion on "Slow Spiral". It's a rich three-and-a-bit minutes of synthpop warmth, built from frothy electronics and M83-style percussion, that gradually escalates until you're totally absorbed by the noise.

Keith says of the album's process: "It’s been great for Hollie and me to bond over making music, and to have that music feed into our relationship. Writing music can be stressful, but there’s that joy that comes from creating something that you know you’ll have for a really long time. We can finish an album and move on, and then go back years later and let the songs tell us what was happening then, what we were feeling. It’s a cool way to mark all these very specific moments in our lives together.”

Broken Devotion is out 12 February via Unseen Music.

Listen to "Slow Spiral" below.