Originally pegged as an alt-rock artist, Minke's genre-straddling sound will appeal to fans of Maggie Rogers and Anna of the North. Where her previous singles featured dramatic electric guitar alongside her haunting, hypnotic vocals, new release "Too Late" sees a change of direction. The singer/songwriter tackles a pure pop sound, whilst lyrically there are no punches pulled.

At its heart, "Too Late" is an ode to breaking away at the right time: jumping ship to save yourself from the wreckage of a broken relationship. It's an admission that, sometimes, there is nothing that can reconcile two people even though they may still love each other. On the soaring, heartbreaking chorus, MINKE repeatedly reiterates that "It's too fucking late, we can't do this anymore." Her resolute frankness cuts deeper on each listen.

This release follows the success of MINKE's three 2018 singles: "Maybe 25", "Armour", and viral, multi-million streamed debut "Gold Angel".

"Too Late" is out now via This Fiction.