Stripping back the format to just simple vocals and acoustic guitars, "Kabuki" is a far cry from the frenetic energy portrayed in the likes of "Brickwork" - yet it's every much a part of the group's raw appeal. Turning their hands to delicate ballads just as effortlessly as they create destructive anthems, Milk Teeth continue to prove themselves as one of the most compelling acts around. 

"Kabuki" presents itself with a stark honesty; Becky Blomfield sings both with a sense of tenderness and a forceful passion, acoustic melodies providing a delicate accompaniment to her entranced words. 

"We didn't set out with any grand idea," she says of the group's forthcoming debut. "We just wanted to make something that crossed over - this record encompasses everything we do well as a band."

Vocalist and guitarist Josh Bannister adds: "Vile Child is a culmination of all the things we have learnt from being in this band over the last two years. All the experiences we have had personally and as a group all in one place."

Vile Child is released via Hopeless Records on 29 January.