Liam Ramsden, aka Mellah, fuses his poetic words with a subtle guitar melody to allow his new track "What It Is" to build and transform into a stand against the obstacles constantly thrown at us throughout our lives.

The breezy vocal delivery holds tinges of melancholy and euphoria, translating to an idea that despite how free you are as a person, there is someone, or something trying to restrict you.

As the track moves into its heightened second half, Mellah allows his instrumentals and vocal delivery to loosen up, unravelling his passion and revealing a more unhinged side to the singer/songwriter.

Speaking about his new offering, Mellah explains that "What It Is" is "essentially about remaining hopeful in the face of seeming hopelessness. On a daily basis we’re faced with a torrent of injustice and oppression from all around the world, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed. I started writing the track from a place of trying to stay hopeful within myself but it progressed into a sort of wider call to arms to keep on fighting for those with less means to fight for themselves. To keep hope in the possibility of change and not to become complacent and subsequently complicit.”

'What It Is" is Mellah's first offering since his Middle England EP that arrived earlier this year.

Mellah's compelling new track "What It Is" is available now. He will be performing throughout the UK and Europe later this month, including a show at London's Oslo on 17 October. Find out more.