One of two singles from her new No Dim Lights project, MEI worked alongside long-time collaborators Danio Forni Jr (Husky Loops) and Joy Anonymous to help shape the track's narrative. The rhythmic production on “I’m Certain” fights back against the bleak winter nights - creating a warm, sonic haven for MEI to reside in.

"As a black woman trying to be successful in the music industry, I often feel a bit invisible and it feels like it can take an even longer time for your talent to be acknowledged," shared MEI, "which I think many can relate to in many industries."

“So the fight is to not give up," she says, "even on my gloomy days my light still shines and nothing can dim it. I’ve noticed that I listen to a lot of rap, grime and hip hop music in the autumn because it motivates me to stay on my grind and some of the stories you hear in these types of music are really inspiring. So with NDL it felt right to explore these styles and be completely honest and vulnerable in my lyrics.”

Her lyrics “I’m certain why I’m here today” are delivered with indisputable confidence, a passion for her craft nestled into every lick and groove.

"I'm Certain" and No Dim Lights are both out now. Find MEI on Facebook.