On her 0.0 EP, featuring tracks like "Home Tonight", Dahlstrøm brought '90s music into the 21st century with some electronic flourishes but "Anymore" finds her looking further back for inspiration.

There's always been a jazz element to the Dane's music but this song feels like the most organic and trad to date. With the focus on Dahlstrøm's effortlessly gorgeous vocal and virtuoso piano playing from co-producer Dandiggas, there's actually very little else to the track...and it's not needed. A gentle backbeat provides a little unobtrusive weight but the rest of the space is filled with one of the purest voices around.

"'Anymore' is a raw reflection of the layers of feelings and coping mechanisms an individual can go through before becoming at peace with lost love," says Dahlstrøm of the track, and you can hear her stripping away anything unnecessary or unwanted, finding solace in the grace notes. It's minimal, and it's perfect.

"Anymore" is taken from the Nine EP, out 27 October.