Following in the wake of the recent outing “Harm” - a potently catchy track that suggests Marcaux is privy to a bit of a devil-may-care disposition - his new single “Cedar Creek” takes a bit of a different tack.

“I cried to my best friend today,” states the opening line, making clear that despite the lyrical bravado of previous, Marcaux is a three-dimensional artist first and foremost. Stripping back the punchy arrangements that won him an audience with “Harm”, “Cedar Creek” sees the songwriter restrain the beats and production for a more minimalistic moment. Striking an earnestly confessional and relatable tone, Marcaux plainly recites self-doubt, lost love, anxiety and substance abuse over the suitably understated sound.

“‘Cedar Creek’ is named after the park that we would hang out at when we were kids,” shares Marcaux of the new track. “The song speaks about all of the bad things I’ve experienced since then, while explaining that life keeps going, and thats ok, but I would love to feel the feeling of being back at Cedar Creek before we had to grow up.

“Hopefully it’s something everyone can relate to, because we all have our own “Cedar Creek”.

“Cedar Creek” is available now. Follow Marcaux on Instagram.