A long-time in the making, Mali-Koa's first full-length album is set for release next month. With one last teaser out now, "Shoebox" drips with a Swift-like narrative as Mali battles with making the difficult decision to throw-out her real-life reminders of the past.

“Everyone has had that box of things they keep, in a cupboard or under the bed," she explains. "It’s a funny sentiment, a box to keep memories both good and bad stuffed away from the world for safekeeping. Whether it’s filled with pictures or mementos of yourself or someone else, this song isn’t only about what ‘things’ are in it; it’s also a gateway in time where you can access memory."

Her powerful and distinctive voice tells this endearing story and its profound consequences. Love, in all its shapes and forms, is a topic which Mali handles poetically, every time. While this time she steps into a different pair of shoes, "Shoebox" is even more arresting as it deals with the aftermath. The messy, complicated parts of ourselves which we try to hide. It's a conversation we have with ourselves, to hoard or not to hoard.

Neither option has it all, but Mali is well-versed is offering therapeutic lessons with her songs. "This [one] is perhaps the sequel to all my other love songs – the first step towards healing," Mali says. "After processing things, there comes a time to let go of what might be holding you back. "Shoebox" is about the physicality of it all, but equally it’s a story about my lesson in the art of letting go and shedding what no longer serves you.”

"Shoebox" is out now, Hunger drops 20 November. Follow Mali-Koa on Instagram.