Sprinkled with elements of art-pop yet grounded in grittier production, Mancunian Maddy Storm boasts such a remarkable swagger that it’s difficult to picture her being confined to the walls of a bedroom set-up. Albeit embellished with beautifully distorted reverb and other-worldly components, Storm’s single still resonates with current global feelings of anxiety, doubt and growth as we continue to navigate relationships in a COVID-19 world.

“The song is about knowing that you shouldn’t stay with someone or be somewhere because it’s comfortable, but also not wanting to rush the process of leaving,” she explains. “It’s about the difficulties of adjusting to change.”

“I ran the vocals through a Leslie speaker emulator (I couldn’t get hold of the real thing) - I’m a huge Beatles fan and I always remember hearing John Lennon’s vocals on ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ and searching to find out what on earth that effect was,” she says. “I played the solo section in one take and it was completely improvised.”

Harnessing an impressive range and delivered with a distinctively confident DIY flair, Maddy Storm’s “The Art of Giving Up” presents itself as a potent offering to the world of electro-pop.

"The Art of Giving Up" is out now. Find Maddy Storm on Instagram.