With atmospheric guitar lines and haunting tributes to a love tragically passed, Lizzie Reid’s new single brings to the fore a brutally honest account of a break up. Sensitively delivered and written with an honesty and vulnerability similar to contemporaries like Laura Marling, the arrestingly personal nature of her lyrics shines through. “I still have your clothes / I’ll be wearing your jumper / but it’s too much for that time of year” she admits, in a style as elegantly delivered as her charming forthrightness.

Speaking on the track, she explains the effect listening to it for the first time had on her. “I listened to the demo on the train from London to Glasgow. I had tears streaming down my face. That was when I realised, I had written something deeply personal to me.”

A Glasgow native, Reid’s latest track is able to create such an intimate and personal feeling because of the interconnectedness the song’s recording process has with her own home. While recorded with a wider group of musicians that gives the song a fuller feel, "Seamless" bears a lot of similarities to her previous single, "Tribute", as Reid explains, "I feel that 'Seamless' still has an intimate home feel about it. We recorded it in my home in Glasgow and you can hear little background noises throughout which makes it feel like a snapshot of a real moment in the way 'Tribute' does.

"You can even hear my wee cat, Ivan, make an appearance towards the end of the song. I remember being on the floor, recording vocals with a whisky in my hand when he decided to walk into the room and squeak for a bit. We absolutely loved the timing of the whole thing so decided to keep him in the final mix!!”

"Seamless" is out now via Seven Four Seven Six. Find Lizzie Reid on Facebook.