Describing the track as a perfect encore to her debut album, Simz says, "This one is really special. Not only do I have two of my favourite emcees on the one track, I also get to get a few things off my chest. Ideally this should be listened to right after A CURIOUS TALE OF TRIALS + PERSONS, as it is the perfect encore to my debut.”

“Do you wanna see a dead body?”

Where Simz would usually overflow into her opening verse, she instead introduces Stormzy on the track where he delivers a seriously dark verse, proving how versatile an artist he is by combining his own grime-heavy style effortlessly into a singing interlude.

The notorious and highly identifiable "one body, two body, three body, four" that announces the legendary Kano onto the track is a defining moment. Kano delivers a verse, so Kano that it can only be described as OG.

Little Simz has carefully curated a merger of the old school and new school, all while infusing her own style into the mix, carefully gluing it all together to make this remix feel less like a remix, and more a completely fresh track

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Listen to the Simz x Stormzy x Kano cut below.