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Listen To The Five Best Songs Of The Week

16 November 2014, 10:30 | Written by Laurence Day

New tunes are flooding in thick and fast this week, and it's been a genuine struggle to whittle it down to only the Top 5; here's what we came up with.

We premiered this remix as a Song Of The Day on Thursday this week, with very good reason: it's a phenomenal bout of subtly-evolving organic electronica. Paul Thomas Saunders bewitching vocals are caked with emotive flourishes and ear-pleasing falsettos, something that remixer extraordinaire Matthew Herbert has brought out exceedingly well in his rework. It takes a good seven minutes to unravel, all the while morphing from its starting point - layers are added, loose threads tugged and post-rock hallmarks injected. It's like watching a flower blossom in slow motion.

Denmark's Mont Oliver are going from strength to strength with each subsequent sonic revelation. "19" was a solid-gold trip-pop belter, but its follow-up - "White Sheets" - careens somewhere entirely new. Rife with old-school hip-hop beats and modern trap pitchshiftery, the trio showcase a fresh, ballsier side to their sound; it's hella addictive, and their innate knack for gorgeous pop hooks is on full display. They're set to drop their debut EP 19 imminently.

Mt. Wolf vanished into a dreaded hiatus last year after some exceedingly well-received shows and high-profile releases. It seemed like they might never return at one point, and then, just as warningless as they'd disappeared, they returned. "Red" is a knowing wink to their reticence - one of the main hooks is "I'm going away for a long time" - and a hint at a dazzling future. The warm melodies, FX-doused falsettos and and morning-glare sparkles are reminscent of Sigur Rós at their most hopeful, but Mt. Wolf keep their own identity intact by owning modern pop structures and a fondness for synth-beats.

The London soul man returns to the fray with a markedly livelier sound on "Chronophobia". It's still emotionally-wrought and pockmarked with tearjerk moments, but for his next big release, the Prince-endorsed singer-songwriter opts for apocalyptic choirs and a throbby beat. There are flecks of The Weeknd to be gleaned in the dark electronics, Kanye too - it looks like Azekel's growing into a new, bolder sound. This is an exciting time to be watching Azekel.

Renée Orshan, AKA Brooklyn synth-funk newcomer RÉN, says of her inspirations: "My favorite artists are all over the spectrum when it comes to sound. The Beatles will make you dance, make you think, make you smile, and make you cry. I want to do that!" She's yet to cover all those bases, but for her debut track "Time" she sure covers a couple. Bee Gees-esque jangles cavort with Foster The People basslines for a resounding, uplifting motivator of a single.

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